Frequently Asked Questions

How can I buy a domain name at 416Domains.com?
Go to our contact page and fill out the form, include the domain name you are interested in.

Why should I lease or buy a premium domain name?
The potential list of brandable domain names that are available for new registration are becoming extremely limited. Domains that are already registered are rare assets.
Premium domains are memorable, marketable and often based on popular search terms, making them more appealing than domain names available through domain registrars.
Strong demand for these domain names has grown and these assets continue to appreciate in value.

What prevents you from selling or leasing the domain name to someone else for more money then I am paying?
We have a clause in our lessee that prevent us from selling or leasing the domain for more money to someone else during your lease term.

How are lease requests processed?
Requests are handled on a first come first served basis.

How long do your leases run?
1 to 10 years.

Am I in control of the domain name if I am leasing it?
We will forward name servers to your hosting account, the ownership of the domain stays with us.

Am I in control of my site?

If I decide I no longer want to rent the domain name can I get out of the lease?
Yes you can cancel the lease at any time with a 60 day notice.

Who is responsible for renewing the domain name?
We are.

If I sell my online business that uses one of your domain names does the lease go with it?
Yes, we will honor your current lease with the new owner.

What forms of payment do you accept?
Cheque, Money Order, Email Money Transfer and Cash.

How long do I have to make payment?
Payment must be made within five (5) business days of an agreement and creation of an invoice.

Do I receive a invoice of the transaction?